MIUI 7 vs iOS: 7 features on latest MIUI that Apple iPhones don't have!

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‘Yours by design.' This is the tagline that China's smartphone giant Xiaomi has used for its latest MIUI skin version, the MIUI 7, which Hugo Barra (VP - Xiaomi) unveiled in India on August 25. The newest iteration, dubbed as MIUI 7, is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop and is loaded with a refreshed interface, new themes and features, and several improvements and performance enhancements.

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Xiaomi is often compared with Apple for many reasons including the design cues it takes for its products, pattern of product names, marketing strategies and more. It is also known as the Apple of China, which produces good affordable and mid-range devices that are based on Android OS topped with its interactive skin that had been past got some striking similarities with Apple's iOS. Nevertheless, the latest MIUI 7 ROM brings some customizations which are quite interesting and unique. A few of them can in fact make the iPhone users envy the Xiaomi's MIUI 7-based Mi smartphone users.

Here we list seven features on Xiaomi's MIUI 7 that are not available on the Apple iPhone's iOS operating system.

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Vine-like short videos for contacts:

MIUI 7 gets this very interesting feature called Showtime which can record a very short video (5sec long), to be allotted for a contact. The feature is interesting because when a user gets a call from a number, the corresponding contact video will start playing in loop. While a Mi smartphone users can easily put a video loop for the corresponding contact that calls them, Apple iPhone users will have to download an app to do so!

Play games on locked screen:

Mi smartphone users can play games even on Lock screen. The MIUI 7 brings a feature that can let a user play games including Howzat (a cricket game) and a candy-crush like game, which have been customized for new themes launched on MIUI 7. These games are java-based, hence work very well on the lock screen. The iPhone users cant do this!

Paint the UI in cool themes:

The new MIUI brings several new themes, which will make the UI of the phone appear new with every theme. There are five new in-built themes including the default one along with Rose, High Life, Ocean Blue, and a subtle pink coloured theme. Additionally, there is a theme for cricket-lovers and another one named Badshah Rocks for Shahrukh Khan fans, both of which have been made for Indian users. Interestingly, there also is a theme based on Hugo Barra. Apple iPhone users may download themes but won't get similar features, while Xiaomi's MIUI 7 has over 1500 themes, and in addition gets Muse tool that can be used to create a theme.

XXL Text size:

The MIUI 7 brings an additional text size - XXL, which as is obvious by its name allows an even larger font on the phone. A user who wishes to see an oversized font can change the text size from a default regular to a jumbo-sized font. In iPhone, you don't have XXL!

Face-recognition in Photos app

Face recognition is a common feature, but separating photos on the basis of face-detection tool is different. Xiaomi's MIUI 7 can do exactly this using a dedicated feature in the native Photo app - it can recognize photos and then help you put them indifferent folders. Moreover, there also are Baby photo and pet photo folders.

Opera Max integration

The MIUI 7 has Opera Max data saver app deeply integrated to the skin on the phone. It essentially compresses data (including photos and videos) for all the apps on a Mi smartphone.

MIUI 7 brings support for 10 Indian languages

MI smartphone users especially those in India will be delighted to know that the MIUI supports 10 Indian regional languages.

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