10 Signs That Tell You Are Addicted to Your Gadgets

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Technology is everywhere, and has made our lives easier and more efficient. A handy little smartphone, tablet or laptop are taking over over lives every day. These days we have seen many people who have their faces glued to their smartphone and minds somewhere in the Cloud.

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If you think you are using technology to multi-task, but in reality you are constantly interrupting yourself. How do you know if you are a techno addict? Then check out the slider below to know the 10 signs of techno addict.


If you ask the person standing in front of you to wait till you finish a text, watch a video or read a post of Facebook and rarely notice when they walk away.

Posting Online During Family Vocations

Well, you spend a noticeable amount of time on vocation or outing with your family, but posting update online spends time with your smartphone.


You text your spouse, kids or other family members rather than walk up the stairs to ask them something.

Spending Longer Time Online

Every time you end up online longer than you intended to use.

Wasting Time Online

You waste your much time online and also deny it if someone says you spend much time online.

Not Being Social

You believe that you do not need to attend school reunion or gathering as you have already connected with your old friends on social media sites.

Checking Smartphone Often

You feel to check in with your smartphone often for update on online community and email. Interesting, many takes a last look before going to bed and the check for email or update soon after wake up.

Posting Online

You urge to surf, tweet, post your status even having dinner or watching movie with your family.

Feels Lonely When Offline

You feel isolated, even lonely if you are offline for few hours.

Involved In Online Interactions

You will find yourself excessively involved about any interactions that have taken online.

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