Nokia 3 is a durable budget Android smartphone, shows video

Nokia 3 clears the durability test.

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There is a myth that the budget smartphones aren't durable and strong. HMD seems to have busted this myth by launching durable smartphones with competitive price tags under the Nokia brand.

Nokia 3 is a durable budget Android smartphone, shows video

We have already seen the Nokia 6 durability test on the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. Notably, the Nokia 6 came out with flying colors clearing the scratch, bend and torture tests with great scores. In fact, after the torture test, the YouTuber claimed that the Nokia 6 is one of the most solid phones he has ever tested. Now, it appears to be the turn of the entry-level smartphone Nokia 3 to undergo the same durability test to show how strong it is and how good it is in withstanding the torture.

Now, let's see how the Nokia 3 fares in the durability test from here.

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Scratch test

The selfie camera seems to be protected well as there are no scratches on it after the test. The plastic camera lens at the rear can be scratched quickly. Even the back panel that is made of plastic gets easily scratched. The Nokia 3 features metal at the sides that seem to remain intact.

Burn Test

In the burn test, the IPS display is subjected to heat for a few seconds. In just ten seconds, the burnt display gets back to work as usual. There are black pixels seen at the spot where it was burnt but the same recovers quickly.

Bend Test

In the durability test video of Nokia 3, the handset is subjected to the bend test in which we realize that the Nokia 3 is strongly built despite the affordable price tag of Rs. 9,499. On bending it from behind, nothing happens to the display.

Final words…

From the video, it is clear that the Nokia 3 clears the JerryRigEverything durability test as the Nokia 6. It is definitely a new budget smartphone that can last longer than the other Android smartphones in the category.

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