Oppo Patent Reveals Screen Sound Producing Technology; External Speakers Going Out?


Chinese smartphones have been ahead with introducing new smartphone technologies. We have seen several major innovations in the last decade related to smartphone displays, cameras, and battery charging. Oppo is one of such brands which has been working on futuristic technologies for smartphones and accessories. The latest patent filing by the company will be taking the display technology to a whole new level. Here's what Oppo has in store for us:

Oppo Patent Reveals Screen Sound Producing Technology

Oppo Making Sound Producing Displays A Reality?

Oppo's latest patent filing reveals a screen that can self-generate audio. The patent (CN109062536B) filing has cleared its approval from the Chinese Patent Office earlier this week, i.e, on August 17. The patent filing reveals a "Screen Sounding Method" technology that none of the smartphone brands has released commercially.

How Does Screen Sounding Electronic Device Patented By Oppo Works?

The patent filing doesn't specifically hint at a smartphone display technology, It rather mentions it to be a combination of a method, electronic device, and storage medium that helps with screen sounding.

Oppo's new patent images shared shows the functionality of the entire setup that generates audio by using all the factors mentioned above. The screen won't have specific hardware producing audio from a certain part of the panel.

Rather, the electronic device is used to drive the exciter and also create vibrations for the panel to generate audio. The panel will have several exciters positioned on different ends so the audio is produced from the surrounding areas of the screen.

With this technology in place, there wouldn't be any use for additional speakers for audio delivery. Nor would the screen sounding device would have to rely on any external wireless or wired audio products for sound delivery.

Is Oppo Launching Any Device With Screen Sounding Technology Soon?

While Oppo's patent has got its approval from China Patent Office, there is no certainty on its launch anytime soon. Patents like these take some time to go commercial. Besides, several patents are filed each year, but only a handful are launched in the market.


Oppo's screen sounding display is definitely a futuristic approach we would like to see on smartphones and other gadgets with screens. It might take longer for the brands to incorporate this tech in smart TVs are other large-screen monitors. But, this is a future of display tech we can expect in a couple of years from now.


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