Oreo or Oatmeal cookie; dessert name of Android O is not decided yet

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Oreo or Oatmeal cookie, the confusion about the Android 8.0 O's dessert name still remains a mystery. Initially, everyone thought that it would be called the Oreo since it sounds better (no offense if you prefer Oatmeal cookie).

Oreo or Oatmeal cookie; dessert name of Android O is not decided yet

Later, we came across a report suggesting that instead of Oreo, Android O would be known as Oatmeal cookie. Then again a source claimed that Android O would be called Oreo. So you can understand the confusion. However, it seems like Google itself is confused about the name of the company's latest version of Android OS. We say this as a Google employee has said that the company is yet to decide the name of Android O. 

The revelation has been made in an AMA session (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, which was held by software engineers from Google. However, the employee has assured that the search engine giant will decide on the dessert after which it's going to name the next major iteration of Android by the end of this summer.

Other than that, the team also confirmed the color of the notification shade in the latest developer preview of Android O is not a bug. It was supposed to be whiter than the Android Nougat. The reason behind is that Google wanted to match the look of the notification shade and the Quick Settings section of the OS.

There is some good news for Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners as well. After receiving the Android O update, they could experience better audio quality from Bluetooth headphones and earphones. However, the engineers from Google have mentioned that not all of the software additions will be available in the aforementioned smartphones.

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