Samsung announces quality assurance measures to improve product safety and combat battery issues

Samsung battery will be now safer than ever before.

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 launch has been delayed, and will not be unveiled at the MWC 2017 as stated earlier. The key reason behind the delay is probably the security issues. Yes, after the countless Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion incidents, Samsung is looking forward to making its customer's safety their utmost priority.

Samsung announces quality assurance measures to improve product safety

Galaxy S8 will be a safe phone, claims a Samsung official in a report. The smartphone vendor has taken up several initiatives ensuring strict quality assurance protocols across its entire development process in an effort to renew its commitment to safety. The South Korean tech giant is absolutely keen towards no longer repeating the Galaxy Note 7 incidents. Let's check out how Samsung is prepping up to achieve the 'safety' tag.

Samsung has enhanced 8-Point Battery Safety Check which addresses safety from the component level to the assembly and shipment of devices. This safety check conducts durability test, visual inspection, X-Ray test, disassembling test and OCT test for the battery.

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Along with this, the smartphone vendor also enhanced multi-layer safety measures protocol which will implement strict safety standards on every element of the company's devices including the overall design and materials used, device hardware strength and capabilities. Not only that, Samsung is putting forward an improved software algorithms for safer battery charging temperature, current, and duration.

Samsung announces quality assurance measures to improve product safety

The South Korean giant has also formed a battery advisory group of external advisers made up of academic and research experts with the aim to maintain a clear and objective perspective on battery safety and innovation and not repeat Note 7 mistake again.

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With these initiatives, Samsung aims towards improving the safety of lithium-ion batteries not only for the company but for the entire industry.

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