Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy J5, LYF Water 1, and Other Smartphones That Exploded Recently

Before you purchase a smartphone, the first thing that you need to ensure whether it is prone to explode or not. Here is the list of 5 phones that exploded and you should keep a distance from.

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"Smartphone explosion" has become an extremely common phenomenon these days. Be it an expensive or a low priced phone, or a newly launched or an old model, it makes no difference anymore.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy J5, LYF Water 1, and Other Smartphones

Whether its a Samsung, iPhone or a recently introduced LYF phone, battery explode incidents are becoming a very common sight. From the initial days of the year, until today, the number of smartphones explode incidents have been a massive rise.

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Here at GizBot, are giving you a detailed insight of the phones that exploded, and how? In case you're using any smartphone from the list below, you should try checking out if your phone will blast, before it causes a serious mishap.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explode Created a Massacre

There is not just one incident to state, but numerous. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has exploded at various points, although didn't cause any life loss. However, the incident has become so serious, that airlines have put a ban on using Note 7 onboard.

iPhone 7 Burst into Flames

Soon after Galaxy Note 7 exploded, how can iPhone stay behind in the competition? iPhone 7 supposedly caught fire inside a car and destroyed the vehicle. So just in case you are planning to get yourself this iPhone device, ensure your safety first.

Reliance LYF Water 1 Exploded While Browsing

While Reliance Jio was ruling the telecom industry, one news that hit the company was the explode of its LYF Water 1 smartphone. The LYF mobile supposedly exploded while the user was browsing on Facebook.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Explode Due to Overnight Charging

After the Samsung Note 7 exploded at several locations, the next Samsung model that followed its footsteps was Galaxy S7 Edge phone. The victim of the explode claims that the reason behind the phone burst was overnight charging.

Next in the List Samsung Galaxy J5

It is very recently that yet another Samsung model caught fire. Samsung Galaxy J5 exploded into flames after the user found out that the phone are too how to touch, smoke pouring out. Later she supposedly threw the device on the ground and the phone exploded.

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