Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Survives Durability Test With Some Hurt


Samsung advertises its latest foldable smartphone -- the Galaxy Z Flip4-- as one of the most durable smartphones. Unsurprisingly, this piqued the interest of the infamous YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. In the video, Zack Nelson subjects the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 to almost everything that conventional candy bar smartphones such as the OnePlus 10T have gone through.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Survives Durability Test With Some Hurt

Nelson has put the Galaxy Z Flip4 through an even tougher set of tests. In addition to the usual bend and flame tests, the foldable smartphone was also smeared with dirt against its surfaces and hinges. What's more, the Galaxy Z Flip4 withstands all efforts taken to damage it.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Survives Durability Tests

As seen in the JerryRigEverything's durability test video, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 appears to have unchanged construction and structural integrity as its predecessor - the Galaxy Z Flip3. The exterior display is protected by glass while the internal display features a plastic cover.

As the external display lacks exceptional scratch-resistant properties and it leaves the panel scratched at level 6 of Moh's scale of hardness. Deeper grooves are noticed at level 7 of the scale. Meanwhile, the internal display is softer Samsung has to warn users not to use fingernails hard against the screen as it could leave permanent markings. This is evident as the device develops permanent marks at level 3 of Moh's scale.

In the flame test, there are permanent burn marks on both displays and scratches all over due to the use of various materials on the panels. In addition, it was dusted with gravel on both sides of the hinges, and they survived despite opening and closing the device multiple times. The Galaxy Z Flip4 survived the gravel breach successfully.

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In the bend test, the Galaxy Z Flip4 was subjected to the bend test. While it proved to be close to difficult, when trying to bend the screen past its open position, it makes strange popping sounds but remains functional though it won't close fully anymore. Apparently, the flip phone has passed the durability test.

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