You’re Killing Your iPhone With These 5 Charging Mistakes!

    Do you know that overcharging may kill your smartphone battery? So batteries in the smartphones need to be cared properly with the fact that battery technology hasn't adavanced, when compared to other technologies.

    As we human beings are getting old, so does our iPhones. With removable battery becoming obselate as day progress, you got to take care of the battery in a sense that it will last atleast for some 3 good years. However, taking care of batteries is not a rocket science, we need to follow few simple steps.

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    To get the most out of iPhone batteries always try to maintain between 50% as much as possible which helps in keeping the battery in healthy condition. On the other hand, going all the way from full to zero also causes harm to the battery life.

    In order to optimize your battery life, try to charge your battery from 40 till 80 in a go. The so-called tiny charging way will be the safest bet for your iPhone battery. Today, lets have a look at the common mistakes people do while charging their iPhone.

    Dont let your iPhone Battery Discharge completely

    Always make sure that you avoid low battery warnings, while the full discharge weakens the lithium battery. However, it is recommended to do full discharge once or twice in a month inorder to caliberate the battery level.

    Wireless charging makes your life easy, but...!

    As per the reports, wireless chargers available in the market causes waste heat due to its inductive charging technique.Apart from general heat caused in the battery, this fair amount of waste heat also joins in and toast your battery. We recommend you to use the standard charger that comes with the box.!

    Overheating the battery! Are you !

    Letting your iPhone plugged in for charging the whole night seems to be the 'not-so-good-idea'.This technique can cause over heating problem, which may lead to the death of battery soon. As per the report, the Apple products including iPhone, iPad and Apple watches enjoys the temperature between 32 to 95 degres.

    Using non Apple charger

    Eventhough, it might be expensive, it is worth buying. Yes! Using other brand chargers can do irreplaceable damages to your phone including fires and explosions. However on the other side, to tackle the over charging process, the company itself designed the charger which cuts power when its reaches 100%.

    Also, the company has created USB Power Adapter Takeback program, asking people to hand-over the duplicate charger.

    Leaving your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turn on all time

    Always make sure that the either bluetooth or Wi-Fi is off, when you are not using it. Keeping this on, when not in use is absolute waste of energy. It is recommended to turn off both the options and turn on when it is needed.

    Remove iPhone case while charging

    Incase if you feel the heat on your phone after charging, blame your phone case. These phone cases abosorbs the heat that is generated during charging.

    Dont ever leave your iPhone empty

    If you are planning to keep your iPhone in shelves, make sure that the battery is not empty. This is because, as per Apple if you keep the device empty, it goes in to the state of deep discharge, leading to reduction of charge capacity in future.

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