How to Lower Your Cell Phone Monthly Bill? 10 Expert Tips!

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    Wireless providers in India offer Data plans on a wide variety of speeds. This could include 2G, 3G and now even 4G is being rolled out across cities. However, the pricing of all these plans is different.

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    People do receive inflated bills in our country, but here are some money saving tips on how you can save money on both Calls and Data on your phone.

    Use Wi-Fi whenever Possible

    Using a Wi-Fi connection will help you reduce your Mobile internet usage. Using a Wi-Fi Internet connection is far more cheaper than subscribing to an internet plan with your Telecom operator. However, to be constantly connected you will still require an active internet connection on your Phone.

    Ask for a Discount

    You can opt for discounted plans. Alternatively, you can opt for Internet plans during festive season which offer discounts and offer special pricing on festive season. If your internet provider is offering you wired connection, you can opt for Wired connection that is cheaper and then connect to Wi-Fi.

    Evaluate your internet usage

    It is essential to evaluate your internet usage. It is necessary that you know the number of E-mails you send and receive, the number of songs or Videos you stream and Download. You can also evaluate the number of Websites and webpages you click. Using this you can evaluate the Data plan that suits you best.

    Avoid being an Early Bird

    While it is great to be an Early Birder and be the one who first opts for the fastest internet plans, it is not always wise. You can wait for people to talk about the latest internet plans introduced in the market. You can always wait for sometime, until you opt for those internet plans.

    Monitor your Usage

    Are you over using internet Data? Are you heavily using internet data more than your internet plan provides for? Its better that you monitor your Internet usage and cut down the over usage of data.

    Try Prepaid Internet

    The best part about Prepaid internet plans is that you always know about how much you can use. If you opt for a 1GB plan, you know for sure that you have just 1GB. This goes same for 2GB or how much ever data that you are opting for.This gives control over your usage.

    Consider a Family Plan

    Opting for a Family Plan is a great way to save on your data. You can save on data costs if you and your family members opt for a family plan. This is however applicable only if all your family members are with a single Telecom operator.


    Use same Telecom Carrier as Friends and Family

    Coming under the same telecom carrier will help you save on cost. This includes Call costs and data costs as well. You can save on your monthly mobile bills when members of your family subscribe to the same telecom carrier.

    Try a Bundled Plan

    A bundled plan is great. You can get a range of facilities like hundreds of minutes of calls, a lot of Data, night calls, SMS among others.

    Try Free Messenger Apps

    Free messenger apps are great way to save money. While SMS can cost you money, messenger apps on the other hand use only data.

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