Apple iOS 12: What we should expect from the upcoming operating system

Here's what Apple should bring with the new iOS.

    Apple has a tradition of launching the new version of the iOS with the advent of new generation iPhones, and if the company does follow the ritual we will have a new operating system in September this year. The system without a doubt has grown immensely from the first generation that powered only one device, the original 2G iPhone.

    Apple iOS 12: What we expect from the upcoming operating system


    Now the operating system has an arsenal of devices including the iPhones and iPads all with different display sizes, different resolutions and aspect ratios. The very first iOS ate only 91MB of the phone's space, while the current iOS 11.3 weighs over 2.5GB. It's just a matter of months when we will have a new iOS to fire up our Apple devices, so let's have a look what the new operating system could bring along:

    Announcement and release

    If the Cupertino-based company sticks to its basics, the iOS 12 will be announced at World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 which will run from June 4 to June 8 this year.

    As for the official release, Apple for the past four years has rolled out the software update in the second week of September.
    So we can expect the iOS 12 to land on our devices before September 20th.

    Before we start, it's imperative to know that nothing about iOS 12 is known as of now and everything that follows is something the users want to see on the upcoming version of the operating system.

    Bug-free experience

    It's nothing new if someone says that iOS 11 had a fair amount of bugs and performance issues. So the first most change any Apple user would expect is an issue-free experience. We hope that the company prioritizes cleaning up bugs and optimizing the battery life, interface issues, and performance hurdles.

    There have been many reports that the company will not be making huge overhauls to the iOS in terms of features, but will be more focused on offering a smooth and seamless functionality. It is also been speculated that the company might take a new approach manifest with the launch of iOS 12.


    Display enhancements

    If we consider the features an OLED display offers, an always-on display makes the most sense. This would not only offer an equal functionality like its Android equivalents but also bring something new to the table for an iPhone user.

    Although the iPhone does have the "raise to wake" ability, a feature that notifies the user of messages and other alerts without having to touch the device will a welcomed change.



    While the Control Center does all the work that the widgets on Android do such as controlling music directly from home screen, but you'll only understand the difference if you've used an Android phone. If Apple manages to balance the feature with battery life, home screen widgets would definitely come in handy.

    Control Center and Parental control

    After trying out different versions of the Control Center, Apple seems to have nailed it with the iOS 11, at least for the iPhone. Everything can be found on the front page, with 3D touch offering a meaningful effect which can also be customized.

    Besides, there were reports that Apple is working on a tool that will help prevent iPhone addiction in kids. This will be company's first step towards fighting public-health crisis that concerns young kids. The iOS 12 might as well be the first operating system to feature any such feature.



    Apple, with the release of iOS 11 enhanced the iPad UI to support the use cases for the device. With the new OS, it could only go forward.

    The new multi-tasking UI and drag and drop are one of the very good additions which users would want to see joined across other apps when working on multiple documents.

    Smarter Siri

    Apple, though was one of the first companies to pave way for voice-based digital assistants with Siri, it really never had the research data nor the resources to approach AI development as its rivals.

    With the company hiring John Giannandrea, Google's former head of search and artificial intelligence, we can expect a smarter version of Siri which will be more relevant and useful to the users.

    Apple fanatics won't have to wait any longer since it's only two months until Apple unveils the next iOS. We just have wait and watch what's in store.

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