Xiaomi teases Mi Mix 2 for Indian fans; launching tomorrow

The Mi Mix 2 features a full screen design with almost non-existent bezels.

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In a price-sensitive market like India, Xiaomi phones sell like hot cakes. Naturally, the Indian market is quite important to the Chinese firm.

Xiaomi teases Mi Mix 2 for Indian fans; launching tomorrow

Tomorrow, Xiaomi is all set to launch its flagship Mi Mix 2 at an event starting at 12MP. Ahead of the launch, the company has been releasing a number of teasers on its official Twitter account. To be precise, the teasers are more of a brain teaser where you will have to spot the Mi Mix 2's design on four different photos. The captions of all the photos include the hashtag #TheOriginalX.

If you think spotting the device in the photos is a child's task, you are mistaken. There is a catch. You won't find the actual Mi Mix 2 in the photos. The brain teaser is meant to tease the smartphone's full-screen design which is embedded in the photos, camouflaged with some of the objects in the photos.

For instance, in one of the photos, it is fused onto the roof of a car and in another, the design blends seamlessly with the wall tiles. So you would have to pay really close attention to spot it.

Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers come up with innovative and unique ways to create hype about their products. Not only Xiaomi, Taiwanese company Asus held a contest for its Indian customers before the launch ZenFone 4 Selfie and Selfie Pro.

Asus fans were asked to post a Boomerang video of themselves breaking a selfie stick or ditching a selfie stick on Twitter and tag Asus India's official handle. 

So are you excited for the launch of Mi Mix 2? Since you would have to wait for a few hours you can check out the specs of the smartphone here in the meantime. 

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