Nokia ‘Moneypenny’ To Be Launched as Lumia 630 or 635 with Dual SIM Support

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The dual-SIM handset market has always been a point of discussion in countries like India and China. Carrying two phones- one for professional and other for personal purpose, is not a great idea.

Therefore, the concept of Dual SIM phones worked in South Asian countries to extreme extent. With Android nearing towards gaining 80% of the market share, Google promoted OS has been naturally taking the crown for making Dual SIM phones accessible in India. Moreover, dual-SIM phones are more popular in the mid-range segment, thus making it even more popular among the masses
Nokia, a familiar name in the handset business, may bring its first Dual-SIM Windows phone into worldwide market early next year. Yes, you heard it right.

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Nokia ‘Moneypenny’ To Be Launched as Lumia 630 or 635 with Dual SIM

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Since past few weeks there have been rumors circulating that Nokia's Moneypenny (a sort of codename) could make its debut at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2014)

Today, a fresh leak around the device emerges after quite some time. Acclaimed Twitter sensation @evleaks reveals that Nokia Moneypenny is none other than the upcoming Lumia 630 or 635, depending upon configuration.

The exact details around the devices are yet to be cracked; however, one of the models would definitely carry dual-SIM functionality.

It is unknown whether Indian or Chinese versions would come with dual SIM nature. Since, South Asian countries in particular India and China are the biggest markets for dual-SIM enabled phones; it is suspected that this feature would be limited to select markets.

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If Nokia announces dual-SIM powered Windows Phone 8.1 handset, then there are chances of getting success. Nokia's low-end Windows Phone 8 powered phones--be it Lumia 520 or Lumia 625 are massively popular in India.

By bringing the dual-SIM versions with tweaked hardware might bring more consumers in the Windows ecosystem. But the success of Nokia's upcoming Lumia phone with dual-SIM is largely dependent on its retail price.

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A mid-range Android smartphone with dual-SIM functionality is available for less than Rs.8,000 in India.Therefore, it is a challenge in front of Nokia to price the phone accordingly.

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