Samsung Galaxy S4: Top 6 Rumored Features You Should Know About S3 Successor

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Samsung Galaxy S4: Top 6 Rumored Features You Should Know About S3 Successor

Only few months have passed since the market release of Galaxy S3, and rumors about Samsung's next flagship smartphone – Galaxy S4 are already raging in the tech media world. Already, tech enthusiasts seem highly excited and are eagerly looking forward to get a sneak peak of the next most talked device in the mobile space.

With that in mind, here is a quick cheat sheet taking a look at rumors swirling about Galaxy S4 that deserve the most attention. Will they all come true? As with other products in the market by the tech titan, it is impossible to know for sure. But one thing is certain, if Samsung Galaxy S4 do come with these features, it will be highly desirable on the open market, crossing the demand of its predecessor Galaxy S3.

5-Inch 1080p Bendable HD Display

Speculations are rife that Galaxy S4 will get unwrapped boasting a 5 inch OLED HD display along with highly acclaimed 1920 x 1080 pixel of resolution accompanied with remarkable 441 ppi pixel density, which will be similar to human vision.

Alternatively, a few reports have also claimed that Samsung will bring the flexible/bendable display technology to Galaxy S4, which the company showcased during CES 2012.

The bending feature of the phones is due to the use of OLEDs, which is a digital display technology that is ultra-thin allowing it to be laid on flexible materials like plastic, foil etc. As such, these plastic displays combined with OLEDs will lend the quality of bending without breaking to the phones.

2GHz Quad Core Processor

Various media reports are also suggesting that Galaxy S4 will incorporate Samsung Exynos S450 chipset with 2GHz quad core Cortex A15 processor, which will boost the power for all the resource-intensive tasks.

One of reports claimed that Galaxy S4 will be the first one to feature “system-on-chip” - the rumored redesigned chip codenamed Adonis, hinting that the handset will have high performance. Hence, this means, Samsung has no plans to sit behind when the rumored iPhone 5S is launched with a successor processor.

13MP Camera On-board

For those who do not remember the pre-launch days of Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2, Samsung was rumored to use a 13MP rear shooter in both the flagship devices, but, unfortunately the company did not implement the same.

Well, the gospel creators do not seem to be tired of disappointments as now with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, they have started it all over again that this time the successor handset will definitely house a 13MP rear camera, may be also with eye tracking technology.

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