Sony opens PlayStation Mobile for HTC Devices

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Sony opens PlayStation Mobile for HTC Devices

Sony has opened its doors for some of HTC devices to use its PlayStation Mobile service which goes live from today onwards. PlayStation Mobile is a cross-platform gaming service that allows users to play gaming titles in any of PlayStation Mobile certified devices like PS Vita, several high end Android phones and tablets. 

Analysts predict the latest developments to be part of Sony’s strategy to increase the popularity of their latest mobile gaming service. Some of the exclusive games from Sony have also been announced making it easier for users to play between cross platform devices. 

PlayStation Mobile has been launched only in selected countries and a global release is not expected any time soon. HTC users can rejoice with the announcement since they will also be able to enjoy the unlimited possibilities of gaming with Sony PlayStation Mobile on their handheld devices.

Here is the list of HTC devices supporting PlayStation Mobile Service.

  • HTC One S

  • HTC One V

  • HTC One X

Additional details regarding the support for the HTC devices will be announced at a later stage.

Some of the countries where Sony PlayStation Mobile has been launched includes Japan, US, Canada, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia. The gaming titles available with PlayStation Mobile include Super Crate Box, Revel, Hungry Giraffe, Samurai Beatdown and Everybody’s Arcade etc. Users can expect more devices from different manufacturers like HTC to be made compatible with PlayStation Mobile service in future.

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