Sony Xperia Z4 Rumor Roundup: Here's what we know so far

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After CES, everyone's eyes are on MWC 2015 as all the latest flagships are going to launch in that tech event. Like every year, the top competitors like Samsung, HTC, Sony are all coming up with their flagships.
Last year Xperia Z3 was launched on IFA 2014 with many expectations, but due to over-price- Z3 didn't reached the expectation, In order to reach the expectation Xperia Z4 would show some innovation in it's specifications.

Sony Xperia Z4 Rumor Roundup: Here's what we know so far

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GizBot team already posted the rumor round up of HTC M9 and Galaxy S6, now it's time for Sony's Xperia Z4 rumor roundup.

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Z4 sleek design:


As per the rumor, Xperia Z4 will have the same design like the other Xperia Z smartphones. It will be waterproof smartphone and have front-facing speakers, metallic frame, metal power and volume buttons.

Z4 QHD Display:


From the leaked information, Sony is planning to launch two variants of Xperia Z4, one with 5.2 inch screen (1080p display resolution, 423ppi) and the other boasts a 5.5 inch screen ( 1440p, 565ppi).

Processor and RAM


There are two rumors surrounding the processor to be used in Xperia Z4.I It may be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor SoC (32-bit) or a Snapdragon 810 processor SoC (64-bit) but the RAM is confirmed to be 3 GB ( same as Xperia Z3).

Xperia UI


Xperia Z4 will be running on Android's latest OS lollipop v5.0 with Xperia UI.Other Sony apps will be pre-loaded like the old Xperia Z series

Z4 Camera feature:


Sony is supposed to launch the upgrade for IMX 220 sensor that is IMX 230 in coming months, Rumor is that Sony mayn't include it in Z4. There's another sensor in between IMX 220 and 230 which will offer a whooping 27MP for Xperia Z4. Front-facing camera is not yet confirmed, but from Xperia Z2 Sony is offering 2.2MP, so it is expected the same trend continues in Z4 too.

Internal storage:

Storage and connectivity

Internal storage will be 32/64 GB like the previous smartphones in Xperia Z lineup, some rumors suggesting that 128 GB version will also be available. Connectivity features like LTE, fast Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth etc are readily available.

Z4 Battery range:

Battery capacity:

Two battery sizes are rumored for Z4. It can be a 3200 mAh or a 3400 mAh but it's not confirmed.
A 3400 mAh battery will have more power to power up a QHD-Snapdragon 810 variant.

Z4's battery life

Battery life:

If the rumored battery size 3400 mAh is equipped to Z4 then it might lasts more than 10 hours. From the tests it is proved that Xperia Z3 battery life is around 9 hours (using a 3200 mAh) so the successor of it might have larger battery life.

When we expect it's launch ?

Release date:

Xperia Z4 is supposed to be launching on March during MWC 2015. It may hit the markets on April or May.

Cost of Xperia Z4


The pricing is not rumored but with these high-end specs the price range will be around $600- $800 (Rs 50,000 aprrox.) (unlocked)

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