Xiaomi Mi 4 Hands On and First Look: Budget Smartphone Like You’ve Never Seen Before

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    If you are based in India, you will have at least a faint idea about how well the smartphones business is doing in the country. The market has seen quite the evolution in the recent months, with the entry of a host of handset makers also helping its cause.

    While the Indian smartphone market has shown a lot of love for handsets that primarily fall in the budget category, the high end segment is yet to see that kind of popularity. However, with a host of smartphones also gracing that segment, it still manages to churn out a few users who are willing to go the financial distance to get the best in the market.

    Xiaomi Mi 4 Hands On and First Look

    Sure the Indian handset market has been graced by a host of big names such as Samsung, HTC and Sony, but the market's climb to prominence can be marked by all the new handset makers who have also entered to check out its potential.


    Out of all the new handset makers, both from India and abroad, a few that have actually stood out to be the most prominent ones are the ones that are making most of business. And Chinese handset maker Xiaomi is the latest one to get into the act.

    Xiaomi Mi 4 Hands On and First Look

    Sure Xiaomi has reached out well and truly to Indian users with the release of the massively popular Xiaomi Mi 3, but the company feels that it's about time something was done about the high end segment of the market. Hence we are awaiting the release of the upcoming Mi 4 handset.

    Xiaomi Mi 4 Hands On and First Look

    So what does the new Mi 4 bring to the table? And does it have enough power under the hoods to see off competition for the other big boys in the helm? We take a closer look at the handset in an exclusive first look.

    Xiaomi Mi 4 Hands On and First Look: Form Factor and Operating System

    As expected from a device aiming for high standards, the Mi 4 looks brilliant. It actually maintains the Xiaomi tradition of offering the best in terms of looks and feel.

    Xiaomi Mi 4 Hands On and First Look

    And if you notice the images for the handset carefully, you will see that there's a thing layer of metal on all the four sides of the handset. While the rest of it is essentially polycarbonate.

    Once you take the phone out of the box, you will notice the metal frame around the device that actually looks good. There's a plastic back housing just the camera, an LED flash, and the minimalist Mi logo.

    Xiaomi Mi 4 Hands On and First Look

    Apart from that, the front of the new Mi 4 is dominated by the 5-inch display with thin bezels around the sides, alongside a capacitive button layout below the screen.

    While this is just the first impressions for the new handset, from whatever we have seen from the device until now, we have been impressed by the overall handling and feel. In fact, handling the device is quite an easy affair to tell the truth.

    Xiaomi Mi 4 Hands On and First Look

    The Mi 4 has flat sides that makes gripping the handset easy, while its overall size makes the phone easy to grip with just a sinle hand. Apart from that, the button layout that you will find along the side of the handset is a bit different.

    Xiaomi Mi 4 Hands On and First Look

    Apparently, the handset's power button has been placed below the volume rocker. And although its a shift from the usual norm that we see all around, it actually makes it simpler for your fingers to get to.

    Xiaomi Mi 4 Hands On and First Look

    As far as the software is concerned, users will be treated to a MIUI ROM that we have got so used with the previously released Mi 3 handset. The MIUI ROM may not come with a regular app drawer that many of you got used to, but that doesn't take away the fact that it's one of the most fresh interfaces on the planet.

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