5 tips to get the most from your Spotify subscription

Spotify is a music service that helps you to listen to music conveniently.

By Nilakshi Pathak

    Spotify is a music service that helps you to listen to music conveniently. You can open any radio channel and make it play as long as you want it to immerse yourself in music. If you are a music-freak, then you should have the Spotify on your device. Here are few ways to make sure that you use the app to get the maximum enjoyment.

    Listen to ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist

    Every Monday morning, Spotify provides you with the ‘Discover Weekly' playlist. This playlist is tailor-made to meet your music preferences. Spotify tracks the music that you are playing on the app, but the more emphasis is given to the recently played music. It then tries to find the relationship between the songs that you are playing. People love this newly added feature of Spotify. However, it should be noted that this playlist will change every Monday.

    Turn your computer into Karaoke machine

    Open the Spotify app on your computer to enjoy Karaoke like ambiance with your friends. Play the song that you want to sing and then click on ‘Lyrics,' to see the scrolling links on your screen. The app gives you the power the adjust the font size of the lyrics. You can choose whether you want to see scrollable lyrics or you want to see the entire lyrics at one time.

    Start an entire playlist from a single song

    Play any song in Spotify app under the ‘Your Music' section. You can now start any station on the basis of a single song. The pre-built playlist linked with that song will start to play. To start the radio channel linked with that song, just hover the cursor over the song that you are playing and then click on the ‘three dots' that appears on the right side. Now in the drop-down menu, select ‘Start Song Radio.'

    Decide the audio quality that you want

    Spotify offers a wide range of audio qualities to its users. Clear audio means that your internet data will be consumed at a very high rate. You can't set the audio quality separately when you are using mobile data to specify the audio quality. You can use the audio quality to ‘Extreme' condition to get the highest audio quality. The best thing to do if you do not want to consume too much of data, just download the song using the highest quality.

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    Be choosy about the song that you want to save in your library

    Be choosy about the song that you want to save in your library

    With millions of song in Spotify, you will have to be specific about choosing about the song that you want to your library. You can add up to 10,000 songs in your library. The limit is, of course, high but still be careful, if you are a music freak, you might end up hitting this upper limit!

    Wrap Up

    With these awesome tips, you can use the Spotify subscription to get the most of it. The world is such a better place if we have music around us, isn't it?

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