Apple goes ‘green’ with fully biodegradable packaging for iPod models

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Apple goes ‘green’ with fully biodegradable packaging for iPod models

Environment friendly processes and biodegradable packaging goes a long way in helping companies ‘going green’ now a day. Apple joins the league and seems to be focusing hard on achieving 100% green efficiency not only in processes but also in packaging it uses to ship its products to the consumers. This is visible from their totally biodegradable packaging used for shipping latest iPod nano and touch models. Though this is not officially endorsed, it is expected to raise interest among the green conscious consumers.

As per online sources, the casing used for holding earpads in iPod apparently breaks down to a pile of mush when exposed to water. Experts commented that this is the first time they have seen Apple using totally degradable packaging for its products. Well a step in the right direction indeed!

Now let us clarify that when we say ‘completely biodegradable’ it doesn’t mean that the packaging melts away to ‘nothing’, but what we get is a small pile of mush which looks like book paper when soaked in water. Apple has not claimed anything big with this packaging, but many sources like Mashable seems to have verified this ‘biodegradable effect’ with the Apple iPod packaging.

When Apple was approached for commenting on this, they downplayed this and referred to the benefits of using material made out of ‘renewable tapioca paper foam’ from green environment perspective. The other highlight of new iPod packaging is that it takes only few minutes of exposure to water for degrading it to a pile of mush. This is the same packaging that would be used for new iPhone as well.

Watch the video of how this iPod packaging turns to a pile of mush in seconds

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