Apple iPod touch gets better

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Apple iPod touch gets better

Apple ipod touch is one of the top selling models among the Apples ipod range. The iPod touch had gone through five generations. With the advent of each of the new generation the spec list as well as the feature list in it went up. The iPod touch is more than a simple music player since it can also work as a hand held gaming device or as a personal digital assistant.

The latest generation of the ipod touch comes with some amazing features and its sound quality is very much impressive. The device is very much thin and compact and has dimensions of 110 mm x 58.9 mm x 7.2 mm. All in all it weighs only 101 grams. They come in two colour options. You can choose from either back or white. The headphone comes too in the chosen color.

The device features a very minimalist design with curvy edges. The back panel is very much plane with a small camera at the top position. There are only three external buttons provided. The sleep or wake button is situated at the top. The volume control is at the sides and the home button is at the front just under the device display.

The display size is of 3.5 inches and supports multi touch functions. The screen has resolution of 960 x 640 pixels and packs in a pixel density of about 326 pixels per inch. This LCD back lit display is the highest resolution iPod display till now.

This high pixel density makes it almost impossible to identify individual pixels. The result is that the images that appear in the screen will be very lively. The difference can be definitely found if you compare it side to side with another iPod or a smart phone device.

Ipod touch has two cameras one in the front and the other in the back. The back camera can take photos with a maximum resolution of about 960 x 720 pixels. The camera can record videos too with a resolution of about 720p and at a speed of 30 frames per second. This enables you to record high definition videos and this makes it a complete imaging device. The gadget can capture good quality images in even low light conditions, thanks to its back side illumination sensor.

The built in microphone will record all the sounds including audio and conversation while the video is recording. The front camera helps in making video calls. You can simply call some one using an iPhone /iPad or Mac book just by the tap of your hand. The calls are made via internet and you have to be in a Wi-Fi entertainment to make the call. You can see face to face your friends and chat with them or quickly share with them the videos or pictures that you just took.

One amazing feature that Apple offers is Airplay. By using this feature you can stream audio, video and pictures to your HD TV. This avoids the hassles of connecting the device to the TV via cables. You can stream the audio to a set of Airport Express speakers if you want so that the device combo quickly becomes your entertainment central. There are a lot more other applications and entertainment options in the device that can provide you with many hours of fun.

Apple iPod touch comes in three versions that differ in their memory capacity. They come in 8, 32 and 64GB models. The price of each of the models are about Rs.10,500/, Rs.15,600/- and Rs.21,000/- respectively.

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