Bose Launches Soundbar Systems

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Bose Launches Soundbar Systems
Soundbar systems aren't of great demand in India. This is probably because people might not have experienced the true potential of a good soundbar system. Major electronic device manufacturers and audio device giants in India are preparing to bring out cool new audio systems to India, imbued with latest technology. Apparently, Bose seems to trying to raise the demand of soundbar systems by launching their own soundbar systems which is likely to be received well because of its great design and specifications.

Apparently Bose's first venture in the soundbar system category, they launched two products probably because they are sure at least one of them will be a huge success in the market. The soundbar systems from Bose are named Bose Lifestyle 135 and Bose CineMate 1 SR. Very famous for their supreme audio quality and bass effects, Bose devices never actually had a bad remark. You would agree once you hear about the two products they just launched.

Bose Lifestyle 135 has a brilliant design and exceptionally cool features. It comes with a console which can manage up to 4 HDMI inputs. It also sports a dual FM andAM radio tuner and is also provided with an iPod dock. Bose Cinemate 1 SR soundbar system is a great speaker with a unique, simple design. This system needs only one cable for its set up. The speakers can be fixed to walls or positioned anywhere you would like it to be. The sandbar system comes with a Bose PlexMount automatic placement technology which enables you to place it anywhere in the room in almost anyway. Cinemate 1 SR and Lifestyle 135 feature very good remote controllers which are programmable.

Both Bose Lifestyle 135 and Bose CineMate 1 SR will offer great performance. One big factor behind its performance is reportedly the innovative sound radiator technology named PhaseGuide. This technology is not actually new as Bose used the same in their Video Wave TV range. Another hardware plus in these soundbar systems is the TrueSpace digital signal processing capability. All this technology is integrated to a device shaped like a long bar of 6.1x 93.5 x 12.4cm measurement.

We might have seen a few soundbar systems which are quite big in size and are not much compact, but we expect good performance from them, which to our disappointment, aren't that likely to happen. According to Bose Director, Doug Lankford, Bose Lifestyle 135 and Cinemate 1 SR soundbar systems are compact, thin and give you amazing audio experience with superb quality, which is pretty great for their size, for movies, video games, name it.

Bose Lifestyle 135 system is expected to have a price in India tag of Rs 1,20,000/- in India while Cinemate 1 SR's price in India will be around Rs 75,000/-.

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