8 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Google Photos

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    Google launched a standalone photo and video service called Google Photos at its annual I/O developers conference. The Google Photos is a unlimited and free storage, sharing and editing service available for Android, iOS and the web.

    8 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Google Photos

    The Google Photos app and online service, store and organize photos, videos that can be accessible across phone and tablet and even in web browser. Google Photos is available for Android and iOS devices as well as for Mac and Windows desktop. Here are the interesting things you need to know about the Google Photos service.

    8 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Google Photos

    1. Free and Unlimited

    Yes, Google Photos service is free and unlimited so that you can store as many photos and video you want. Google Photos will store full resolution photo and videos on the cloud.

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    8 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Google Photos

    2. Restricted to 16-Megapixel

    Google Photos restrict photo to 16-megapixel and 1080p videos. Images or videos bigger then restricted size will be downscaled to those sizes. Google Photos will saves pictures as a high-quality compress jpg, which is 'near-visually identical but takes lot less storage'.

    8 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Google Photos

    3. Photo Search

    Searching the photo library is nothing new, but Google has come up with interesting feature in the Google Photos. You can search the photo library with dates, titles and locations. Furthermore, Google Photos lets you search for content in your photos. For instance, you can search for 'dog' or 'cycling' or 'door' and the Google Photos service will display all your pictures that have dog, cycle, door in them respectively.

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    8 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Google Photos

    4. Location Tagging

    There are many photo app, which can read geotag information in a photo's EXIF data to know where the image was taken, but Google has taken thing a step forward in determining location of a photo. Google Photos service can determine the location of a photo by analyzing contents in the image, even if the photo does not have a geotag.

    8 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Google Photos

    5. Auto Sync and Auto-Delete

    Google Photos can upload photos and videos to the cloud automatically as you capture them. The Google Photos app for Android can also be set to automatically delete same copies of images to free up the Android devices space, as they are uploaded.

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    6. Built-In Editor

    Google Photos comes with a built-in photo editor, which let users to enhance photos. It has an auto-fix button that will improve pictures automatically by fixing brightness and other aspects of the image. The built-in photo editor also comes with cool features like the ability to create collages, panoramas and animated gifs using multiple images.

    8 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Google Photos

    7. Paid Option

    Google Photos is also available as paid service. Google Photos is free, when it compresses images and videos to its restricted sizes. Well if you want to upload full resolution images and videos, the service is available for paid plan. You can get 15GB for free and then you can pay $2 a month for up to 100GB of storage or $10 for 1TB for a month.

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    8. Easy Sharing

    Google Photos comes with sharing option, where you can share your photos and videos across any service from Hangouts to Twitter to WhatsApp. Google has made an easy way to share many photos at once. You can take a set of photos and videos or any album and simply create a link to share hundreds of photos at once. While the recipient can see what you have shared without Google Photos app or login, then can save the high-quality images with a single click.


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