Acer to launch Windows Phone 8 devices next year

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Acer to launch Windows Phone 8 devices next year

When it comes to the mobile phone industry, Acer has not been a key player. It looks like the brand is trying to become one by launching Windows Phone 8 based devices. At the Windows Phone Summit, the main smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Nokia, HTC and others will come up with Windows Phone 8 ready handsets.

As of now, Acer has got only one Windows Phone 7 handset called Allegro. When it comes to Android, the brand has a handful of models. It has a couple of Android ICS based phones that are expected to be launched soon. This indicates that the brand is not concentrating much on the Windows platform.

Acer is reported to launch a low or mid range Windows Phone 8 device in the Q3 of 2013. The brand seems to be aware of the fact that unless it comes up with something different that is priced competitively, the other players will crush it in the smartphone game. Acer might need some time to design and launch such a smartphone.

We can also expect Microsoft to launch another version of the WP 8 with single core processor for the low end smartphones. WP 8 operating system will be launched sometime this year. The PC version, Windows 8 will be launched in October. Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will have only a slight difference.

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