Aliens Could Exist On Moons Outside Our Solar System: Scientists


According to scientists, extraterrestrial life could exist on moons outside our solar system. Called "exomoons" the moons orbiting other planets might sustain alien life, an astrophysicist said.

Aliens Could Exist On Moons Outside Our Solar System: Scientists


Scientists have discovered plenty of exoplanets which circle around stars outside our solar system. Nearly 4,000 have been found with many more waiting to be discovered. However, only a few of them can sustain life. Many are either too close or too far to their host star. This means the water might evaporate or freeze up.

Some of these planets might have moons that are placed in the right position to have favorable conditions for liquid water and nurture alien life.

"These moons can be internally heated by the gravitational pull of the planet they orbit, which can lead to them having liquid water well outside the normal narrow habitable zone for planets that we are currently trying to find Earth-like planets in," said Phil Sutton from the University of Lincoln.

"I believe that if we can find them, moons offer a more promising avenue to finding extra-terrestrial life."

Astronomers are trying to find more of such exomoons to study how well they may serve as a home for life. However, this is not going to be easy due to the sheer distance between the Earth and these moons.

To overcome that, Dr. Sutton used computer simulations to model the rings around an exoplanet called the J1407b. These rings are 200 times bigger compared to what has been observed on Saturn. The research failed, however, the hunt for exomoons still continues.

In 2018, a NASA scientist claimed that aliens exist. As a part of his paper on extraterrestrial life, he wrote, "They could have visited us, we just didn't notice." Recently, another team of scientists has come up with a new theory that claims that aliens could exist and that too pretty close to our planet.


According to Silvano P Colombano, a scientist at the NASA Ames Research Centre in Mountain View, California, aliens might have already visited the earth in the past. However, he notes that the aliens might be different from what we imagine.

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