New study claims aliens could exist on Jupiter's icy moon Europa

We might not be alone in our solar system.


In 2018, a NASA scientist caused a stir in the science fraternity after his claims of alien existence. As a part of his paper on extraterrestrial life, he wrote, "They could have visited us, we just didn't notice."

New study claims aliens could exist on Jupiter's icy moon Europa

Now a new study from a different team of scientists has come up with a new theory that claims that aliens could exist and that too pretty close to our planet.

Dubbed "X-Ray, UV, Optical Irradiances and Age of Barnard's Star's New Super-Earth Planet - 'Can Life Find a Way' on such a Cold Planet?," the paper from Villanova University suggests that the recently found exoplanet called Barnard G could possibly have aliens.

The co-author of the paper, Edward Guinan is the one who came with the theory. In a press release, he also mentioned that the geothermal heating on the exoplanet is capable of supporting 'life zones' under the surface.

The geothermal heating could result in producing an ocean and sustain life. This is something similar to what has been observed in Antarctica's ice lakes. The exoplanet has almost similar temperature as Jupiter's moon Europa which is minus 238 degrees cold.

The paper also says that "little is definitely known about geomagnetism of super-earths like 'Barnard B', a large liquid iron core, that could generate geomagnetic fields, could offer protection from strong winds and coronal mass ejections when the star was young & magnetically active."

What remains to be seen is whether the exoplanet is capable of sustaining an atmosphere. But, still, the theory makes sense and would be enough to keep the scientists hooked to the information gathered from the planet.

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