Amazon Alexa's new skill is here

A user will have to give commands like "Alexa, ask Gordon Ramsay what he thinks about the food I have cooked.

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Amazon and Ground Control are working together to create an Alexa skill that will channel Gordon Ramsay and rate the dishes cooked by a person. Gordon Ramsey is a known name in food industry and he is one hell of a food critic. It will be amazing to see the collaboration of Amazon Alex skill with Gordon Ramsey and give marks to the food a user has cooked.

Amazon Alexa's new skill is here

To use the new skill a user will have to give commands like "Alexa, ask Gordon Ramsay what he thinks about the food I have cooked. The reply whether it be praise or a critical appreciation would sound like this from the Amazon Echo speaker:

1. This dish should be hung in a museum. The museum of failure.

2. Leave the dish out overnight. It will keep the flies away.

3. If I may give you one small piece of advice, stick to takeouts.

The responses from this Alexa skill could be some harsh words; however we all are aware of the temperament of Gordon Ramsey. That said we would like to test the new Alexa skill and will keep you updated regarding the same.

Amazon had previously added some skills in the beginning of the year 2018 to Alexa. Let's quickly have a look at what the Amazon Alexa skills were previously added.
Skills to try: New Year Resolutions and My Resolution Buddy. The first thing that comes in mind regarding the New Year is the resolutions that are set to achieve various goals which we were unable to complete in the previous year. From hitting the gym for a healthier lifestyle or investing in SIP or planning for a solo-trip or spending more time with family!

Amazon Echo Plus: How to Setup, Add Skills and Give Commands

One just need to say is "Alexa, Give me a New Year resolution" or "Alexa, ask resolution buddy to suggest resolutions". A user can also ask Resolution buddy to save resolutions and read out whenever the user needs them. While a user is gearing up to make New Year resolutions, Alexa has got her list ready. All one need to do is ask Alexa and find out what it has in store for the user.
Similarly there were other skill sets also added marking the celebration of New Year.
We will keep you posted with every new Alexa skill that is being added by Amazon.

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