Android Wear Receives Support From Google Maps API

Hidden among the other news announced at Google I/O today, Google has also added the ability for developers to use the Google Maps API directly on Android Wear.

Android Wear Receives Support From Google Maps API

The feature, which comes as part of Play Services 7.5, aims to offer users a wearable-designed Google Maps experience and was detailed in a blog post.

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Google says that the Maps API on Android Wear is very similar to the Maps API on Android, which should ensure that developers are comfortable with the platform.

You can already use the paired phone to detect location, or use on-device location detection for wearables that have an onboard GPS. Now, with Google Play Services 7.3, developers can use Google Maps API directly on Android Wear.

Thus, developers can now offer your users a wearable-tailored Google Maps experience. Google also notes that Maps API keys are interchangeable between mobile apps and Wear apps, as long as they share the same package name.

Android Wear Receives Support From Google Maps API

Google has made several enhancements to the Maps API to ensure that it's fully functional on Android Wear. For instance, Maps on Android Wear has a variety of capabilities, including finding the nearest coffee shop, giving directions, tracking fitness activity, and more.

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In addition to displaying a map, another possible use for Maps on Android Wear is to pan a map to a specific location so that, for example, your friends can meet you at that specific location.

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