Battling COVID-19: 8K Image Of Coronavirus Infected Cells Reveals New Details


Coronavirus has been one of the most difficult study subjects for scientists and researchers, even after more than a year since its outbreak. Moreover, with new variants and mutants appearing across the globe, a better understanding of the COVID-19 virus is of utmost importance. A group of Japanese researchers might have found the answer to this using 8K imaging technology.

8K Image Of Coronavirus Infected Cells Reveals New Details

8K Image Of Coronavirus

A team of Japanese researchers has captured microscopic images of cells infected with coronavirus to better understand how it functions and spreads through the cells. The researchers used an ultra-high-definition camera along with an optical microscope equipped with an 8K camera that gives the images an ultra-clear view of the cells.

The report comes from NHK Japan, which also part of the experiment with the researchers from Osaka University. The 8K image of the coronavirus in the cultured animal cells has revealed some key details of the virus's behavior. The experiment has revealed that the animal cells begin to deform four hours after being injected (or infected) with the coronavirus.

In the later stage of the experiment, the 8K images reveal how the animal cells begin to break into pieces. When the images in 8K resolution are enlarged, the researchers were able to spot white granular structures inside the infected cells.

8K Image Helps Better Understand Coronavirus

As noted, understanding and finding a complete cure to the deadly virus is still underway. The group of researchers says the phenomenon of the changing cell structures could be linked to the infection process or viral replication inside the cells.

The report further quotes Associate Professor Nakayama Emi, who was part of the experiment. She notes that her group was able to see previously unknown details of infected cells. The 8K and enlarged, microscopic images could help evaluate the effectiveness of medical drugs that are developed to treat coronavirus infections.


Presently, India is battling the second wave of the COVID-19, which has massively spread compared to the first wave. At the same time, India is pushing its vaccine drive, helping people to get immunized. And now with the 8K image of the virus, scientists and researchers can better understand how it operates.

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