Britannica Encyclopedia is now digital

Posted By: Rahul

Britannica Encyclopedia is now digital

The world's most used reference & the world's oldest encyclopedia, the Britannica is all set to go digital.  This English language encyclopedia was in the print format till recently, but now it has been digitized. This in turn will provide the users an enriching as well as a fulfilling English language experience. Now the digital Britannica Encyclopedia is going to be available.

This move is reportedly resorted to by Britannica as it is also planning on launching new online educational services. You can enjoy the digital English language guide by subscribing to it. The annual subscription costs around Rs 3500($70) per year.

In addition to this, there are also newly launched Britannica Encyclopedia apps that you can get by paying Rs 100($2 approx.) & another set of apps by paying Rs 250($5).

Experts say that the digital Britannica Encyclopedia is going to face stiff competition from Wikipedia but is not going to lose out on popularity. The print version of the Encyclopedia are going to continue to be sold until stocks end.

Thus, with the launch of the Britannica Encyclopedia online version, the people are surely going to be benefited This is also sure to change the way in which people refer to “Dictionaries” in the world.

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