Facebook Bringing ‘Share’ Feature to iOS, Android App

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Facebook Bringing ‘Share’ Feature to iOS, Android App

The no. 1 social network of the world Facebook is trying its best to include all the features it has in its desktop version on its mobile platform as well. Now Facebook has informed ‘TechCrunch’ about the ‘Share’ button feature to be rolled out to the mobile versions of the Facebook app.

The new button for sharing will help users share links and photos posted by others. However, they will be also able to share a sponsored story ad and then repost it with ease. Users also have the option of commenting while reposting. It is almost the same way this button works in the desktop environment. 

As this share button is introduced now Facebook will almost look a lot like Twitter. Facebook so far was popular only for personal updates, but now you can even share other’s posts and other stories too with ease on FB timeline. Though Inside Facebook site reported that this Share button feature is still under test mode, sources close to Facebook has confirmed that this new feature is not releases on a test basis, but as a standard feature for its mobile app version. 

It was only recently that Facebook introduced an update to its iOS app too bringing along a host of features making it easier to chat and share multiple photos. Along with the update, users were also given with a detailed change log that explained the new features in the update. The social networking site has also included an Instagram-like photo filters which will allow users to get creative with photographs and make some interesting changes before uploading them.

Another key addition along with the update included the ability to swipe left anywhere on the app for quickly viewing the one who has sent the message. Further, reportedly Facebook is also working on making its Privacy Settings easier to understand and use.

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