Google Glasses to cost $1,500? [Video]

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On Wednesday, Google showcased its electronic eyewear called Google Glass at the Google I/O 2012 conference that is going on in San Francisco. It is a small sized electronic display that is mounted on the left of a pair of eyeglasses. It can record videos, access emails and messages and also retrieve information from internet.

Google Glasses have more functionality like live streaming audio and photos, perform computing tasks and capture photos. Google will be offering the Google Glass for the developers for a price of $1,500 for trails. The consumers need not worry regarding its expensive price tag. At the time of launch, it will be definitely be cheaper. The device is expected to be launched in a couple of years.

Astonishing, this glass weighs less than a normal sunglasses. It contains a wireless networking chip and the other essential technologies that are present in typical smartphones. It lacks only a cellular network radio. The battery in the Google Glass smaller than the one in a smartphone. Google is working on methods that will make the battery last for a full day.

Google is reported to be making experiments with the glasses. It is trying to potentially include the features that are responsible in offering directions on the screen and also on the ability to make the glasses speak out the text messages that the user has received.

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