Google's Redesigned Logo Turns out to be Legit

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When it comes to Google, rumors are that the company is a planning to change the logo which has been spotted couple of times in past. However, one can hardly see any difference between the old and the new logo. The difference is that the older one is bit glossy and with shades but, the one that was spotted a couple of days ago is a flat lot without the glossy finish. Over all the new one looks boring.

Google's Redesigned Logo Turns out to be Legit

The logo came to notice when it was spotted in the source files of the Chrome Beta for Android app. However, reportedly Google, then, said that the logo isn't new, it's just a version of the logo used mostly for print, and that it ended up in the Android app by mistake.

Google's Redesigned Logo Turns out to be Legit

Not only that but the new flat version of the logo has also been spotted in the wild, on the Google homepage. The logo can also be found at a location with a Google domain, indicating that it's legit. Further, high resolution images of the branding can be found on Google's own servers alongside its current logo.

However according to the Verge, in a statement, Google said "We are constantly running experiments on the look and functionality of search -this includes the logo."

Thus, things are turning fishy at Google right now, nothing is clear. But most believe the logo to be legit. There is no word on details about the implication of the new logo on the Google Search page so far.


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