Google to launch a Cloud App marketplace to take on Amazon

Google will reportedly introduce this new cloud-based platform in the second half of 2018.

In an attempt to take on cloud giant Amazon Web Services, Alphabet-owned Google will soon launch a digital store to offer cloud-based software to companies and other organizations. Google Cloud is partnering with MobileIron, which offers cybersecurity tool for cellphones, to make this online marketplace. Businesses will be able to buy cloud services and distribute them to employees, and their corporate data will remain safe.

Google to launch a Cloud App marketplace to take on Amazon

Customers will get access to this marketplace through mobile network operators. Google will reportedly introduce the platform in the second half of 2018. The new product will help the company to enhance its G Suite as customers will be able to tap a larger number of external services through the Google universe. For those who are unaware, G Suite is an online store for companies and third-party applications.

Interestingly, after Google announced its partnership with MobileIron, the latter's shares rose up to by 14 percent to $4.60. Google, on the other hand, is trying to catch up to, the market leader in the cloud. AWS already boasts of operating a similar kind of software which was launched in 2012.

Not only Amazon, Google's G Suite is having a hard time against Microsoft. The Redmond-giant is still a first choice for corporate software customers. Google usually doesn't reveal sales of business software, but the company claimed last year that the G Suite has over 3.5 million paying customers.

Companies in the US tend to purchase mobile cybersecurity tools through telecom service providers like AT&T and Verizon Communications. The reason being, the employees of the company process an increasing amount of company data through smartphones.

It should be noted that the upcoming marketplace from Google and MobileIron won't be the first of its kind. For example, AT&T has a NetBond virtual private network that lets users securely connect to cloud services.

That being said, the new entrant will allow users to pay for many services together, as well as bringing Google's scale and cachet to try to popularize the trend, said Marcin Kurc, head of commerce platform at Google Cloud.

"Any type of simplification and working with market leaders helps us to grow the ecosystem," Kurc was quoted as saying.


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