Intel Announces Quark Processors For Wearable Devices

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Apart from all the jazz going on online regarding octa core chips working simultaneously, Intel has recently announced theirs but this chip is quite different from the those that are in hype currently. The Intel Chip is made to serve the wearable devices than smartphones or tablets.

Intel Announces Quark Processors For Wearable Devices

In fact, when Apple was packed with its event where they launched iPhone 5S and 5C, in San Francisco Intel was busy with their yearly IDF event. Apart from all the announcements that took place, the biggest news was related to the Quark chipset, which as said earlier is meant for wearable computing devices like smartwatches.

As the name "quark" implies a minute particle, it comes with a similar implication. And according to Intel's CEO Brian Krzanich the new Quark X1000 chipset is one-fifth the size of its existing Atom chipsets and uses just one-tenth the amount of power. Accordingly, Intel would also provide a reference boards and softwares to build such devices like smartwatch.

However, the company says that they won't build a smartwatch or a wearable computing device, unlike Qualcomm that unveiled its Toq smartwatch earlier this month. Moreover, the Quark chipset is reportedly said to be fully synthesizable. Thus companies could license Intel's intellectual property and build custom solutions around it.

Sadly, Intel Quark sample chips will be ready by Q4 so the products based on Quark can be seen only around 2014. In terms of competition, Intel fell behind in the mobile race but they surely don't want to fall behind in serving wearable devices which is fast growing.

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