Intel Leap Ahead Technology: Control Your Passwords with a Wave of Your Hand

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Intel Leap Ahead Technology: Control Your Passwords with a Wave of Your Hand

A decade ago, audiences were wowed by Tom Cruise's gesture-based computer navigation as they were filmed in the 2002 movie Minority Report. However, now tech world has taken hold of the touch-less technology on home desktops and laptops and have come with innovative sensors triggered in Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii. 

However, this time software giant Intel has announced to introduce a new prototype technology that has the potential to eventually replace passwords with wave of the hand. Intel is planning to implement this technology for tablets and laptops. This feature could transform how we use online banking, e-mail services and social networks. The concept came in to play after Intel brainstormed about the increasing complexity in remembering the passwords with the growth of online services. 

Intel showcased palm-identification technology by developing a tablet having a newly developed software and biometric sensor capable of recognizing the unique patterns of veins on the palm of a person. The latest development was showcased during the annual Intel Developer Forum held in San Francisco. 

Sridhar Iyengar, Director of security research at Intel Labs was stated as saying, “The problem with passwords-we use too many of them, their rules are complex, and they differ for different websites.” The latest technology will make the smartphones, laptops and tablets responsible for identifying users instead of users individually entering passwords. 

For using the palm-identification technology, users should have built-in accelerometers for detecting the user movements so as to keep the unauthorized people from signing in. Intel Chief Technology Officer, Justin Rattner stated the latest technology to be still in the development phase. The palm-identification technology will work more effectively than the existing finger-print scanners found in the laptops today.

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