iPhone 5 home button pops up

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iPhone 5 home button pops up

TVC Mall is credited for the leaking parts in the past. It has now updated a section in its site for the iPhone 5 Replacement Parts. At present there are only two items, the Home Button Key Repair for iPhone 5 in black and white versions.

The button retains the circular depression and it has a rounded rectangle. We can't surely say that this belongs to the next generation iPhone. But it has the familiarity of the iPhone button but it is different from the one in iPhone 4S.

After the launch of the new iPad on March 7, the rumors about the iPhone 5 to launch in 2012 has started piling up. Unfortunately, with only a hint about the home button, we can't predict if Apple is planning for a complete redesign this time.

Already, we have seen a lot of rumors regarding the iPhone 5. The name itself is in doubt as it may be called new iPhone or something else like the new iPad instead of iPad 3. There are some speculations about the screen size and the launch date.

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