ISRO Gaganyaan Mission Boosts Startups For Developing Crucial Gear


Space sector is going to get a big boost now, following the recent announcement to push the industry to evolve further. For one, the ISRO Gaganyaan mission will now be tapping into startups to develop food and medicines for astronauts as part of India's first manned mission to space. Green engines are another agenda that ISRO is looking into.

ISRO Gaganyaan Mission Joins Hand With Startups For Crucial Gear

ISRO Gaganyaan Mission Partners With Startups

"We have already made the announcement of opportunities for research organizations and academics, it will expand to startups and industry," said ISRO Chairman K. Sivan to the Economic Times.

Startups are going to get a big boost from the premier space agency and will be involved in various projects. Presently, the ambitious Gaganyaan mission will be requiring various essential commodities like food, medicine, and so on, which are expected to be catered by startups. Additionally, ISRO is also looking for green engines for the Ganagayaan mission. With space startups, ISRO can also help build products and solutions that can be exploited commercially.

Looking back, a few weeks ago, ISRO listed out a set of 17 technologies required for the Ganagayaan mission. The space agency invited researchers to develop these requirements at a lower cost. Some of them included spacesuits, inflatable habitats, anti-radiation and thermal protection technologies, food, medicine, and so on. All of these gears are crucial for the mission and to bring back the astronauts safely to Earth.

A lot of startups and industries are sure to benefit from the new development that includes the private sector in space missions. This includes companies building satellites, private habitable units, spacesuits, biochemical companies to conduct experiments in space, and so on.

ISRO's Future Prospects

ISRO has already been looking at various human spaceflight missions for the future, which also includes building and housing a space station and to eventually send humans to the Moon, just like NASA's Artemis mission. ISRO has also setup a small group to study the feasibility of going to the Moon and back.


Speaking of the Moon mission, NASA has also drafted the Artemis Accords to have safe travel to the Moon in the future. It still remains unknown if India would sign the Accords.

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