Key Lime Pie follows Jelly Bean?

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Key Lime Pie follows Jelly Bean?

This news is unconfirmed but sometimes rumors might come true. A US based technology website has quoted as per an anonymous source about the next version of Android operating system. As per the source, Google will launch the next version of Android after the Jelly Bean dubbed Key Lime Pie in 2013.

The current version of the operating system is Ice Cream Sandwich aka ICS. The next one will be Jelly Bean as we have already mentioned. Read our article on Jelly Bean launch. The news about Jelly Bean is itself not launched officially in any device as of now.

The technology site has reported that Key Lime Pie is the next one and it will be unveiled in the next year. Google possesses the habit of naming the operating system versions with dessert names and it seems that the company has not got any plans to change the practice.

The company also follows the order of the English alphabets diligently. The naming practice started with Cupcake for Android 1.5 and which was followed by Donut, Eclair and Froyo in the alphabetical order. Then came Android 2.3, Gingerbread and then Android 3, Honeycomb. The present version Android 4.0 is Ice Cream Sandwich.

The report also states that the internet search company might delay the launch of this new version till 2013 thereby slowing the release of the operating system versions. Once this updated version is released, the hardware partners like HTC and Samsung can customize it and test on their device.

The process indicates that the consumers will have to wait for long to try the latest one of Android on their smartphones. Besides this, when the company releases the new version devices, the devices that have the old versions are also released in the market.

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