Last Solar Eclipse of 2022 Today: Eclipse Timings in India, Precautions Explained

Last Solar Eclipse of 2022 Today: All You Need to Know

Celestial events like eclipses are quite rare. The partial solar eclipse we'll be witnessing today, October 25, is one such rare occurrence. It will be visible in many parts of India after nearly a decade. Here are all the details you need to know about today's solar eclipse, including its timing, where you can watch it, and the precautions one needs to take.


Interestingly, today's partial solar eclipse is rare for Indians as it's being visible after a decade. Moreover, this type of solar eclipse won't be visible in India for another 10 years, making the event more special and unique. Here's all you need to know about the solar eclipse today.

Partial Solar Eclipse Explained

A solar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned. Here, the Moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun, and its shadow falls on the Sun. When all three celestial bodies are aligned accurately, it creates a total solar eclipse or Surya Grahan. In today's case, we have a partial solar eclipse event, which means that all three aren't aligned completely.

This means the Moon's shadow will fall partially on the Earth. It makes the Sun appears to have a dark shadow on a small part of its surface. Like a total solar eclipse, a partial solar eclipse will also have a beginning, a peak, and an end.

Solar Eclipse Timing in India

The solar eclipse today, October 25, will be the last solar eclipse event for the year 2022. The first one occurred on April 30 this year. The next solar eclipse will be seen in India on May 21, 2031, which will be most visible only in the Southern parts of India.


According to the Indian Ministry of Earth Science, the partial solar eclipse today will be broadly visible across the country. Northern states can witness the celestial event for a longer time than the Southern states.

The ministry states the solar eclipse will begin around 4:29 PM in India, visible in Northern states like Delhi. The eclipse is expected to be visible for about 1:45 hours in the country. The ending of the solar eclipse won't be visible in India, the ministry explained.

Is the Solar Eclipse Dangerous?

The solar eclipse is one of the most beautiful celestial occurrences. One needs to follow a few precautions and procedures to stay safe during the Surya Grahan. The eclipse will be visible to the naked eye, but the Sun's rays can be quite harmful during the eclipse. This is why one should avoid looking at the Sun directly during an eclipse.

Instead, one can get glasses with solar filters to observe the event. The glasses are made from materials like black polymer or aluminized Mylar that help protect one's eyes during the solar eclipse. Since the Sun's light also gets blocked during the eclipse, drivers on road are advised to switch on their headlights while driving.

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