Lunar Eclipse 2021 Or Chandra Grahan: When, How To Watch Super Blood Moon 2021?


Today marks the day to witness the Super Blood Moon or the total lunar eclipse, something we haven't seen in over two years. The lunar eclipse or the Chandra Grahan is one of the most beautiful celestial events, which will take place later today can be viewed in select regions in India. Here's everything you need to know about the lunar eclipse 2021.

Lunar Eclipse 2021 Or Chandra Grahan: Everything You Need To Know

Lunar Eclipse 2021: Date, Timing

To note, the lunar eclipse, also known as the Super Blood Moon, will happen today May 26. However, most of us in India won't be able to view this celestial event. That said, only a few regions in Eastern parts of India like West Bengal, Odisha, the Andaman Islands, and other Eastern regions can witness this event.

Coming to the timing of the lunar eclipse 2021, NASA says it will begin at 2:17 PM and end at 7:19 PM. This means most of the time we're going to be in broad daylight, making it quite impossible to view the Chandra Grahan. Reports suggest that people staying in Eastern regions like Kolkata can witness the super Blood Moon around 3:15 PM IST and till 6:22 PM IST.

People staying in South-East Asian countries like Malaysia and Singapore can witness the lunar eclipse 2021 in full glory. The same goes for residents of western regions of the US and South America.

Lunar Eclipse 2021: Where To Watch?

Thanks to technology and live-streaming links, you can watch the lunar eclipse 2021 easily in the comfort of your home - even if you aren't staying in any of these regions. There are several YouTube channels and social media pages that will be live-streaming the Chandra Grahan today. This includes the YouTube channel from NASA, which can be accessed by clicking on this link.

What Is Lunar Eclipse Or Chandra Grahan?

Eclipse is one of the common phenomena that happen around us, which are commonly differentiated as a solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse happens during a full Moon that passes through the Earth's dark umbral shadow. When this happens, it makes way for a total lunar eclipse of the Moon, even if passes through a very brief period. Today's lunar eclipse is expected to last for about 15 minutes or even shorter.

Lunar Eclipse 2021 Or Chandra Grahan: Everything You Need To Know

Lunar Eclipse 2021: Why Is It Called Super Blood Moon?

A lunar eclipse is also called the Blood Moon. In this particular instance, the lunar eclipse 2021 is also called the Super Blood Moon, although it isn't a scientific name. The name is given because of the appearance in the sky, which turns whitish and the Moon turns reddish in color.

Particularly, a Super Blood Moon appears when the Moon is closest to the Earth, making it appear larger than usual. To note, today's lunar eclipse will have the Moon less than 360,00 km away from us. The reddish Moon coming so close to the Earth sets the stage for the eclipse, creating one of the most unique and beautiful celestial phenomena.

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