Magic Leap Provides Details on Mystery Headset: Here's What's Cooking

Magic leap is a US based company into head-mounted devices which superimposes 3D computer-generated imagery over real world objects, by projecting a digital light field into the user's eye.The company was founded by Rony Abovitz in October 2014. Since then the company has been keeping a very low profile working on concepts of augmented reality and computer vision until it got a mighty venture funding of $540 million from Google, Qualcomm, Andreessen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins.

The company aims to build a Google Glass that can seamlessly blend computer generated-graphics with the real world. We presume that the Microsoft HoloLens is one product we can closely relate it to.

Magic Leap Provides Details on Mystery Headset

After the sudden splash of half a million dollars into the company as an investment and not an acquisition, Google has made it pretty obvious to the rest of the world that Magic Leap holds immense potential in the fields of augmented and virtual reality in the time to come.

So, what exactly is Magic Leap building?

Magic Leap Provides Details on Mystery Headset

Magic Leap and the other associated companies in the act have kept their doors tightly shut and are not willing to share any of their secrets with any of them. Although you can always smell what's cooking. Magic Leap is working on next generation wearable augmented reality device.

When asked on Reddit how he would he possibly describe Magic Leap to someone who has never heard of it, Abovitz's reply was equally confusing.

Magic Leap Provides Details on Mystery Headset

He reportedly said, "YOu can think of us a techno-biology. We believe it is the future of computing."Techno-biology, he explained, "is the proper application of technology to our biology that leads to the experience of magic."

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What we know

The team at Magic Leap comprises of highly skilled personnel viz. rocket scientists, artificial intelligence masters, next generation programmers, physicists to name a few. The company says, "our team dug deep into the physics of the visual world, and dug deep into the physics and processes of our visual and sensory perception.

Magic Leap Provides Details on Mystery Headset

We created something new. We call it a Dynamic Digitized Lightfield Signal." They say the system is biometric, means it responds to how we function naturally.

But, just as we ended up thinking that Magic Leap is a device which would superimpose images into the real world, Abovitz clearly mentioned in Reddit, "Our vision of AR and VR is a true replication of visual reality". His statement leads us to surmise that the device can also block the entire outside world and create a world of virtual reality on its own.

The entire project and its details remain warded safely by the company. The unveiling of this mystery doesn't happen anytime soon. But as much as we are able to figure out from Rony's words, this device is going to be something closely related to augmented reality.

Magic Leap Provides Details on Mystery Headset

After Google lens failed to capture the market as a wearable gadget, Google is seeking to embrace new ventures in the field of augmented reality by investing in company like Magic Leap. The final product is ages away from landing into the hands of the normal civillian, we still hold very high opinions regarding the company's ideas and await for the MAGIC that Magic Leap promises to bring about in our lives

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