Pebble Time vs Pebble Steel vs Pebble: A Detailed Comparison

Three years ago Pebble made crowdfunding history by raising over $10 million on Kickstarter for its simple e-ink smartwatch. This was back when, Android Wear never even existed.

While now, when the market is filled with smartwatch options from Google, Apple, Samsung and more, Pebble has launched it's newest creation, the latest smartwatch from the company - the Pebble Time.

Pebble Time vs Pebble Steel vs Pebble

The new Pebble Time comes with a new color e-paper display and microphone for responding to notifications, up to 7 days of battery life, water resistance and customizability. Further, Pebble Time is fully compatible with all 6,500+ existing Pebble apps and watchfaces.

So how does the newest Pebble in the family (Pebble Time) compete with it's siblings. Let's find out below:

The original Pebble wasn't a head-turner in matters of design. It featured a 52mm x 36mm x 11.5mm casing which appeared rather short and plump and weighed around 1.34ounces.

The Pebble steel as it's name suggests sits in a metal casing of stainless steel and is also available in matte black colour. The Pebble Steel definitely stands out in
the criteria of a sexy looking wearable device.

While the original Pebble was an all-plastic affair and the Pebble Steel added a more luxurious stainless steel strap, the latest one, that is - Time is like a combination of the both.

Pebble Time vs Pebble Steel vs Pebble

The rectangular watch face has got slightly curvier looks with a stainless steel bezel. Further, the silicone watch straps, which are likely to be the same 22mmm ones on the original are removable so there's room to customize.

Meanwhile, Pebble Time is also going to be available in three colours, so you'll have your pick of white, black or red models.

Features and Functions:
The basic objective behind all Pebble watches remain the same - to provide the user with visual notifications. Needless to say all the three watches carry out this duty meticulously. Be it e-mails, text messages or any other form of messages. The Pebble remains connected via Bluetooth and keeps it's user updated on every incoming message be it from an iPhone or an android smartphone. They come alive with a twist of your hand and display the notifications.

Pebble Time vs Pebble Steel vs Pebble

All Pebble devices can only be controlled using buttons provided in the watch. None of these watches sport a touch function. There are are four buttons one on the left edge and the rest three on the right. The left button works as a home button, while the rest three buttons (in top to bottom order) are up, select and down.

All Pebbles connect via Bluetooth v 4.0, have a 3D accelerometer, compass and light sensor. These devices are powered by a Lithium-ion polymer battery and can stay up to 7 days without charging. A USB charging cable with a magnetic connector is included in the bundle to charge the watch.

Pebble Time vs Pebble Steel vs Pebble

The Pebble Time though comes with a couple of big improvements.Firstly, it has an integrated microphone which can be used to reply to notifications or record voice notes.

Secondly, the Time features a "smart accessory port" which the company says can be used by hardware developers to connect 'sensors and smart straps' directly to the device.

These devices are water resistant up to a depth a 50 meters, can bear non-condensing humidity of 5% -95% and have a maximum operating altitude of 10,000ft. Also they have an excellent daylight readability and the display is crisp during night and day both, which makes them quite ideal for use round the clock.

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Other features:

The Pebble also offers an integrated media player which would let you play your favourite tunes. Apart from all this, these watches also run around 6,500 apps as
claimed by the company. Go Pro by Pebble, Dotz, QR Generator, RunKeeper, Fly Time, Weather channel, Go Pro camera, Payment Gateway Apps (Paypal), flight information to
name a few.

Apart from music player and a bundle of third part apps the Pebble Time is equipped with Google Now-esque features. Also the fact that the Time comes with a microphone allows you to use Google voice search.

Migicovsky claimed Pebble's new software platform, would be like ‘unlike anything else' used on smartwatches to date. Though, we do wholly agree to this but as long as the Pebble connects in a hassle-free manner with the iPhone and other Android smartphones it remains our favourite.

The third generation Pebble Time also introduces a more efficient way to juggle apps with a timeline interface that allows users to scroll into the past or future
using the up or down buttons on the right-hand side of the watch and use the center button to select the desired one.

Pebble Time vs Pebble Steel vs Pebble

Price and availability:

The Pebble and Pebble Steel are available in the country through online websites like Amazon and Ebay. While the Pebble costs Rs. 9,690, the Pebble Steel with it's
marine grade stainless steel, gorilla glass top and genuine leather strap will, set you back by Rs. 20,890.

Meanwhile, the Pebble Time is yet to be launched by the company and is
estimated to cost around Rs. 10,000 which is not at all a bad deal for a colored screen watch with an Amoled display and a microphone.

Investing in any of the three Pebbles shall not be a loss. All the three watches are worth an investment for a technology enthusiast. Considering the features that it
provides the Pebble series is a good worth for your money.

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