Mark Zuckerberg Targets to Get 82 Million Facebook Users From India

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Facebook among all the social networking sites has actually been ruling the social platform through the world. Moreover, the growing smartphone users have also augmented the number of users. Talking about the popularity, the networking app has currently more than a 1,110 million active users and to talk about India in until January this year it had 62.6 million users.

Mark Zuckerberg Targets to Get 82 Million Facebook Users From India

But young Zuckerberg doesn't seem to be satisfied with the numbers in India because he has recently showed his interest on expanding to up to 82 million monthly active Facebook user base in the country. In fact, the Facebook founder has actually realized the Indian strength regarding the Internet users.

Leaving apart the founder's mission of reaching 5 billion people across the globe using the internet Mark Zuckerberg says that India is a "really big opportunity". Moreover moving from 63 to 82 Million is a massive number of users that Mark has been hoping to achieve from India. However, it is pretty reasonable to expect because the growing Indian internet user has also led to the growth in the smartphone users. Smartphones, where users are constantly logged in to Facebook and Twitter.

On the other hand the Indian government has been wrestling with issues of privacy and control over the medium while Zuckerberg reportedly suggested a "infrastructure-sharing and network efficiency through measures such as licensing of white space spectrum and reallocation of excess spectrum. These reforms are necessary to promote universal access, which is a stated goal of the government of India".

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