NASA Perseverance Rover Launch Delayed Once Again; This Time Due To Anomaly In Liquid Oxygen Sensor


One of NASA's ambitious missions includes sending astronauts to Mars, with the launch taking off from the Moon. Much before this happens, NASA has been working on sending the Perseverance rover to Mars. But looks like there's a delay in launching the Perseverance rover to Mars and will liftoff no earlier than July 30.

NASA Perseverance Rover Launch Delayed Once Again

NASA Perseverance Rover Launch Delayed

This means that we'll need to wait longer to see the Perseverance rover begin to explore Mars. The news comes via the official Twitter handle of NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover, which notes that both NASA and United Launch Alliance have delayed the blastoff. The NASA Mars 2020 mission, which was scheduled to liftoff on July 22, will launch "no earlier than" July 30th.

The reason being a couple of processing problems with the launch vehicle. A liquid oxygen sensor line produced "off-nominal data" during a practice session, notes NASA. This means the mission team will need extra time to evaluate what happened.

At the same time, it doesn't mean that NASA will launch the Perseverance rover on July 30 and will certainly have more time if that date doesn't work. NASA had originally planned to liftoff around August 5, but now analysts have extended the window until August 15. For all we know, another extension could also be possible.

NASA Mars 2020 Mission

The Perseverance rover is an important equipment for Mars exploration. The rover is expected to land in the Jezero crater on Mars on February 2021. The Perseverance rover will work on excavating possible life forms on Mars and return samples to Earth. It is an important mission as it also helps to understand the planet's geological history as well.

NASA has been working on the Perseverance rover for years together now and the delay could be a patience test for many. Moreover, this isn't the first delay. Earlier, NASA had pushed the launch date from July 17 to July 22 due to a problem with encapsulating the spacecraft.; and now to July 30. Although the premier space agency has a window for the launch, the delay could further affect the human spaceflight to Mars.

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