New Google Logo and Redesigned Navigation Bar Activated in India

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After a leak that took place few days ago concerning the same issue, Google has now officially confirmed the changes that has come to the navigation bar via a blog post. Although, the update hasn't been rolled out to all the countries so far but the company has confirmed that both the changes (Logo and Navigation bar) will be rolling out worldwide gradually.

New Google Logo and Redesigned Navigation Bar Activated in India

The new navigation panel looks quite different and the whole black bar with Google services have vanished from its initial place. However, with the changed navigation bar, the services can be found on the top right corner along with other regular Google features. In Chrome browser, the new logo and navigation panel doesn't appear but only in Mozilla FireFox browser it is visible. 

The ones that were initially found in the black bar earlier, can be seen in the drop down launcher which offers more than nine services. These services include: Google+, Search, YouTube, Maps, Play, News, Gmail, Drive and Calendar in a 3x3 grid each represented by the icon and name of the service. The launcher also has a More button at the bottom clicking on which will make eight other Google services -Translate, Books, Offers, Wallet, Shopping, Blogger, Finance and Photos-appear.

Just a week ago the same logo had been spotted online. The logo was also found at a location with a Google domain, indicating that it was legit. Further, high resolution images of the branding can also be found on Google's own servers. Google had then said that they constantly run "experiments on the look and functionality of search -this includes the logo." However, now the new look has already appeared in Indian Google Search.

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