Now a self driving auto pilot car

Posted By: Rahul

Now a self driving auto pilot car

A car which drives by itself has been developed by researchers,. Yes, this car reportedly makes use of the " Auto Pilot" system present in aircrafts and can run on it's own without the driver having to control it. This technology is being developed by Volkswagen. Not only that, the car even brakes on it's own when it senses obstacles, thus avoiding accidents.

There are sensors which bring the car into the correct lane if the car strays into the wrong lane using the City Emergency Braking System Technology. Cool isn't it?.

Volkswagen, the car manufacturing giant will be the first to use this technology in it's cars. It claims that through this new technology, driving is going to be a pleasant experience along with being accident free. This in turn leads to the roads being safe and also ensures pedestrian safety.

One more advantage of this is that when this technology is used, accidents occuring due to distracted drivers and bad drivers will be eliminated.

You can achieve speeds upto 80 mph through this novel automobile technology. Thus, in future driving is all set to become more pleasant and stress free. Let's appreciate this novel technology and wait for it to come to India.

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