Pakistan blocks objectionable websites

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Pakistan blocks objectionable websites

Pakistani officials have blocked over 13,000 objectionable websites in order to prevent spreading the obscene material on internet.

Nawab Liaqat Ali in an address to the National Assembly stated that the obscene websites have become a raising issue and that they are taking appropriate steps to cut down those sites in the country.

Khan also pointed that the government has got no mechanism to block these sites at present and that it will cut them soon as they receive any complaint.

He added that they are trying to create a mechanism for this. Already countries like India and China have automated filtration system for this sake but its installation is expensive.

Even after installing such systems, the authorities cannot block all the objectionable websites and most of them are based in other countries that makes the Pakistani authorities unable to act against them or penalize them.

The authorities have started blocking them after the people filed cases against the sites that are posting derogatory content on the web. The blocking of portals like YouTube and Facebook was criticized by the civil society groups and was followed by protests. So they have started doing this selectively on the pages that contain such illicit content.

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