Sell Old Mobile Phones to a Recycling ATM

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Sell Old Mobile Phones to a Recycling ATM

Now users can stop dumping their old phones and use them for a better cause. A ‘Recycling ATM’ is about to be introduced which will give users cash in exchange to their older phones. It is being announced as part of an eco-friendly initiative by California-based EcoATM Company. This machine will use sophisticated technology capable of identifying any cracks in the older phones. The machine will also be able to identify the elements inside the older phone that can be used for resale and recycling purposes. 

US National Science Foundation popularly known as ‘NSF’ is also supporting the development of the EcoATM. This new machine collects the older phones and then sends it to environmentally responsible recycling channels where these phones will be extracted for any rare earth elements, also keeping away other toxic elements from landfills. Sources suggest that almost 300 automated eCycling Stations from EcoATM will be rolled out in US by the end of this year. 

Mark Bowles, EcoATM company co-founder was stated as saying, “The basic technologies of machine vision, artificial intelligence, and robotics that we use have existed for many years, but none have been applied to the particular problem of consumer recycling.” He also clarified that machine will be able to differentiate between cracked phone glasses and broken glasses or bleeding pixels. This is important as cracked glasses can be fixed compared to broken glasses. 

EcoATM company sources have also stated that the machine is capable of identifying the market value of the older phone so as to categorize various consumer electronics products. This is made possible with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence technology. Users can get the cash or can even donate a portion of the compensation to one of the charities according to their choice.

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