Twitter Resetting User Passwords After Security Breach

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Twitter Resetting User Passwords After Security Breach

Twitter has asked its users to do a password reset for preventing others from accessing their accounts. Twitter is suspecting a possibility of hacking of their users accounts by a third party. As part of the movement, several Twitter users have already received notifications regarding the password reset, advising them to choose a new strong password with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. 

On its blogpost Twitter officials have confirmed that the new e-mail being received by users is legitimate and they will have to click the links for changing the password. Those who have not received the notification yet can also change the password from the Settings menu directly from their Twitter account. However Twitter has warned its users to have a close look at the e-mails being received regarding password change owing to the possibility of cyber criminals taking this opportunity for sending their own notifications. 

Twitter has advised its users to check the address of the sender and the URL up on which the link is pointed towards. Twitter has claimed most of the phishing sites look quite similar to twitter website and a careful look at the URL is required before entering the login information. 

The micro blogging site also recommends avoiding websites that claim to get a lot of followers since those websites are known to send spam updates and results in the damage of the user accounts. If the users have any suspicion towards the link given in the notification, then in such cases, they are advised to change the password directly from the Twitter account. 

For choosing a new password for the Twitter account, users can do so by clicking the link. Twitter has recommended users to have their Twitter accounts secured at the earliest by changing the password for enhanced security.

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