Waterproof your iPhone with Liquipel [Video]

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Will you take your iPhone while you are taking a shower? You can do it with the waterproof coating from Liquipel. It is a patent pending process that will coat the device both on the interior and exterior with a nano coating. This coating is highly moisture resistant. With this technology, it is possible to waterproof any device like smartphones, tablets, headphones and more. Moreover, this is a non-toxic coating.

The waterproofing process will not affect the features like network strength and battery charging. It will not have any effect on the look and feel of the device that is treated. The only downside is that you will have to send your iPhone to have the coating done. The turnaround time is just a couple of days and it will cost you Rs 3,500 approximately. It will work not only for iPhone but for all other devices. This is not the first waterproof coating technology available for smartphones. There are companies like P2i and HzO involved in the same process.

Watch the video of Liquipel coating on iPhone 4S.

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